Closet Organization Franchise Options: How to Choose

A closet organization franchise can be a smart investment, especially as Americans clean out their closets and Marie Kondo their lives. Premium Service Brands has a closet franchise idea to explore.

Home Organization Trends

Marie Kondo validated harried mothers everywhere when she revealed during a recent webinar that her “house is messy” after the birth of her third child. She became a household name and sparked an organizing revolution in 2019 with the debut of her Netflix series, “Tidying Up,” based on her best-selling book. Kondo encouraged people to clean and organize their houses to find inner calm and focus on sparking joy. Despite her latest comments, Kondo’s advice launched a wave of attention to home organization that continues today.

Remote working trends are also helping the closet organization market clean up. The rise in teleworking and hybrid schedules forced Americans to clear the decks and reconfigure their existing homes to create multifunctional spaces. At least 41% of consumers set up to work from home report working from home all or most of the time, compared with only 17% in May 2020, according to Research and Markets.

High new home prices and rising inflation are prompting many Americans to forgo trading up for larger homes. The median cost of a home jumped 10.2% in 2022 to $386,000, marking a record high. As a result, people are turning to remodeling and decluttering to make their existing houses fit their needs. The home organization market is valued at $12.2 billion, and the average American household completes 3.2 home remodeling projects each year.

Maximize Profits with a Closet Franchise

If you want to tap into the high-demand home organization market, a closet organization franchise is a turnkey business with training, support, and marketing guidance. You’ll be able to debut a proven company with brand recognition. Launching a local business with a brand that has a solid reputation typically helps attract customers and grow your venture faster than starting a business from scratch.

Choosing an organization franchise that does more than just closets can be beneficial. It allows you to give your customers a wider range of solutions to generate more revenue. Delivering multiple solutions helps you build stronger relationships with your customers, as they will see you as a one-stop shop for all of your customer’s home organization needs.

Consider Kitchen Wise & Closet Wise

Kitchen Wise started helping clients banish clutter and restore calm in 2016, and today we offer a complete franchise opportunity in a fractured market. Our services are not limited to closets. The Kitchen Wise & Closet Wise brand showcases custom organization solutions for kitchens, closets, and other areas of the home. We focus on environmentally friendly materials and processes to provide customers with safe, sustainable solutions. Our franchise transforms the homes and lives of our clients by creating intelligent, efficient, and elegant designs.

Our competitors in the closet organization market have a long history of success. But these seasoned brands may be cost-prohibitive for value-conscious customers. Kitchen Wise & Closet Wise bundle our services to provide customers with package options and rely on in-home consultations to deliver customized results. We give customers an affordable and efficient solution.

Starting a home organization business typically requires minimal investment in equipment and supplies. Opening a Kitchen Wise & Closet Wise franchise requires an initial investment of $108,100 to $147,000. Franchise owners also keep costs down by conducting back-office administration from a home office and relying on a work van to visit customers.

We’re part of the Premium Service Brands family of nine home service concepts. PSB has a rich history of establishing profitable local businesses, and our team of industry experts are leaders in franchising. PSB acquired Kitchen Wise & Closet Wise in 2019 to offer customers wraparound services for their homes. Some of the company’s other brands include 360° Painting, The Grout Medic, House Doctors, and Window Gang.

We Set You Up for Success!

Contact us to learn more about the home organization market and the benefits of partnering with Kitchen Wise & Closet Wise to launch a business in your community. Get started pursuing a future as an entrepreneur.