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How much does it cost to be a Regional Master Franchisor? Maid Right master franchise investment ranges from $188,000-$351,000.

How do I find unit franchise owners? We will provide you with a localized marketing plan including print, digital, public relations, email and radio ads to drive unit franchise owner prospects to you. You’ll also participate in job fairs and local franchise trade shows. Once you are established, most of your unit franchise leads will come through referrals.

What happens if I have a customer before I have a unit franchise owner? You will hire a franchise support person who will be responsible for training new unit franchise owners and following up on their work using our Maid Right Tracker® quality assurance system. This employee will need to understand the Maid Right operation systems first-hand, and will clean with a day laborer or unit franchise owner in training before handing off the account.

How is Maid Right different than any other cleaning company? We guarantee the same cleaner each time. The cleaner is a franchise owner and has paid to keep your home clean. Color-coded microfiber cloths ensure that the cloth used in the bathroom never touches kitchen counters, reducing cross contamination. Maid Right’s exclusive EnviroMist disinfecting system keeps your home clean and protected from harmful bacteria using a wraparound technology for high-touch door knobs and hard to reach areas of your home. Our guarantee is the strongest guarantee in the industry. Call us within 24 hours of your clean if we have not met your expectations. We pledge to address your concerns within two business days. If you are still not satisfied, your next regular clean will be complimentary.

What happens if I sell a franchise and can’t provide the franchise owner with his or her guaranteed revenue plan? You have five weeks to train your new unit franchise owner. Per your franchise agreement with the franchise owner, you also have an additional 120 business days to provide the accounts needed to fulfill the smaller franchise plans, longer for larger franchise plans. This should provide plenty of time to obtain the needed accounts.

Do you offer financing? We offer in-house financing on the initial franchise fee for approved regional master franchisor candidates. You will come to our Discovery Day and meet our executive team, who will review your franchise application and determine if financing is appropriate.

What does an ideal Regional Master Franchisor Candidate look like? Most of our Regional Master Franchisor candidates come from corporate backgrounds and are interested in building their own organizations where they can use their sales, marketing and business management skills. Their prior corporate income typically exceeds $250,000 per year and they are looking to replace and exceed this income level with their next business. They have an average of $1 million net worth and $150,000 liquid cash. 62% have earned graduate degrees. They are passionate about giving back to their local communities by helping others realize their dreams of owning a small business.

What kind of support will I receive from the Maid Right Support Center? Once you are open, you will receive site visits and regular calls as needed. We also will provide additional webinar trainings in marketing, operations, accounting, franchise sales and customer sales.

How many franchise ownerships can I sell in my market? This is determined by how many customers you have and how much revenue you are generating. Your unit franchise owners are home-based franchisees who are buying a guaranteed revenue plan. Some will be part-time franchisees and some will be full-time franchisees, so the total number will be based on this combined mix. Your franchise owners are not buying a protected territory, they are buying accounts.

What can you offer veterans? Maid Right Honors Our Military Veterans Maid Right honors military veterans and their service by offering them special incentives to start their own house cleaning businesses. The Maid Right business model relies on many of the same skills and disciplines learned in military training, making it a perfect, low-cost way for veterans to start and grow businesses of their own. To learn more about our unique VetConnection program and why Maid Right could be your “next mission,” please email us today at vetconnection@maidright.com

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