Maid Right 101: Move-In Cleaning

Maid Right 101: Move-In Cleaning

There are many things a homeowner needs in the course of their home’s lifetime. From the first steps into your new home through all of its ups and downs, Maid Right offers a variety of cleaning services designed to fit the many different needs of homeowners. From a recurring cleaning service to a one-time clean-up, Maid Right offers what our clients need.

It’s tough getting settled in when your new home is a mess. That’s where Maid Right cleaning services can be the ultimate lifesaver. Move-in cleaning services from the local Maid Right makes sure new homes are spick and span when brand-new homeowners first walk through the door. Our cleaning services can help get rid of any dust, dirt, debris, stains, and even smells left behind by the previous owners or tenants.

Why Hire a Move-In Cleaning Service?

Cleaning is a crucial part of the moving process.

Many homeowners only discover dust build-up, grease stains, bacterial growth, and other problems after the previous tenants have left. And even if the previous tenants were exceptional housekeepers, the moving process itself kicks up a ton of dust, dirt, and debris. Cleaning all this up can be tricky. It’s even trickier once you start bringing boxes and furniture into the home.

Hiring a professional move-in cleaning service, on the other hand, is easy. Before homeowners move a single piece of furniture into their new home, a crew of cleaners will take the time to detail clean each and every room. They save themselves hours and hours of tough work, and their new home will be cleaner than if they’d cleaned it theirselves.

Maid Right Move-In Cleaning Services

There’s no one better for the job than your local Maid Right. Our move-in cleaning program offers key advantages over services provided by other professional cleaners. These include:

  • Creating a detailed, customized cleaning plan for every home, laying the groundwork for a picture-perfect clean;
  • Cleaning plans tailored to any number of special requests, including deep cleaning services, use of specialized products, or areas that require extra attention;
  • Green Seal-certified green cleaning services, which are 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic, and non-irritating to household members with respiratory concerns and
  • EnviroShield® disinfection and odor removal wherever requested, allowing homeowners to safely neutralize lingering bacteria, viruses, and unpleasant smells.

Our cleaners plan, deliver, and measure our services with help from our Maid Right Signature Clean®, Maid Right Technics®, and Maid Right Tracker® systems. In addition to cleaning services for move-ins, we also offer services for move-outs.

Maid Right is the truly one-stop-shop neighborhood cleaning company!