ProLift 101: Your Guide to Spring

ProLift 101: Your Guide to Spring

The flowers are blooming, a warm wind is breezing through, and the kids are itching to get out of school – it can only mean one thing: spring is here! With the warm weather comes an urge to get outside. Many homeowners and families will go on road trips, explore the neighborhood, or even decide to repair the winter-weather damage to their homes. No matter what your plans are this spring, your neighborhood ProLift Garage Doors has your back! Visit our website and enter your ZIP code to find your local partner today:

If you are looking to shake-off winter with a garage-door tune up, ProLift Garage Doors can help you in two great ways.

First, the extreme temperatures and weather exposure during winter, especially a particularly brutal winter like the one many across the country experienced, can gradually wear-down the springs, levers, bands, and small details that keep your garage door going up and down. Get ahead of the problem by scheduling routine maintenance today.

Second, it may be the time to replace your garage door entirely. Whether you want increase the curb-appeal of your home, or your garage door has really seen better days, ProLift can replace and install your chosen garage door. Get a head start by designing your own garage door on our website: Let the creative-juices start flowing with this fun tool!

Now for those of you who have big plans for road trips, bike explorations, and other fun adventures, we know it can be a real hassle to prepare for a weekend away – only to get stuck by a malfunctioning garage door. That’s why many of the Pro-Lift Garage Doors locations offer emergency repair services – to make sure that you get back where you belong: on the road.

As part of our welcome to spring, ProLift locations across the country are offering a special spring discount.

Take $25 off any spring replacement for your garage door!* Welcome spring with a brand-new spring!

Visit today to find your local partner and get started preparing the right way for a springtime full of adventure and to beautify your home.

*Expires June 30, 2019. Not to be combined with any other offers.