Handyman Pro 101: How to Hack Reality and Live in Your Dream Home

Handyman Pro 101: How to Hack Reality and Live in Your Dream Home

Reality can be a drag but we can offer ways to hack reality and live in the home of your dreams! Don’t believe us? Read on to find out how it is possible to live in the home of your dreams without the hassle and stress.

We know that HGTV home renovations look great – too bad you have a job, a family, and other responsibilities to juggle and definitely don’t have the time to spend all day looking for reclaimed wood in antique stores.

But it is possible to live in your dream home – even if your name isn’t Joanna Gaines.

There are many reasons to hire a handyman to either repair or renovate aspects of your home. Maybe there’s a brand-new kitchen cabinet design you’ve had your eye on or maybe the master bedroom is just too outdated. But there is also a very important reason to call Handyman Pro – your expectations don’t match your reality.

Sometimes your expectation is to have a lovely family gathering, only to be awoken to the reality of a trashed kitchen due to the turkey catching on fire. Other times, your expectation of a peaceful nursery is interrupted by the reality of piles of stink diapers and no storage space!

It can be disappointing to see your home as it is – including all the negative aspects like leaky pipes and missing shelves. Many of us experience high expectations without taking stock of what the reality is. Handyman Pro not only helps you reach your expectations but also far exceeds them.

Take a moment to read through these four common scenarios. Do any of them seem familiar to you? Can you think of an expectation in your home that was dashed with a dose of reality? If so, the time might be right to give your local Handyman Pro a call.

Have you experienced these expectations for your home?

Expectation #1: A summer evening gathering.

Reality #1: A peeling and rotting porch.

One of the things that is wonderful in the late summer and early fall is to entertain family and friends on your porch. You can indulge in conversation, enjoy the last bits of warmth from the summer, and dig into good cooking and good company. At least, that’s the expectation. The reality is that the porch is rickety and rotting – you probably should have taken better care of it or at least put a layer of stain on the wood before the harsh summer sun got it. Dreams of late summer outdoor evenings are dashed with a big wooden splinter.

Expectation #2: A productive school year with well-behaved children.

Reality #2: Cramped bedrooms, no study space and subsequent chaos and fighting.

As September gets under way, we know that many families are doing their best to prep for the best school year possible. You may have expectations for a calm home, with studious children, and a peaceful atmosphere. But the reality is, you never converted the office to a bedroom so your children don’t have space to study! The limited space doesn’t help their moods and their complaining certainly doesn’t help your year-long headache. Next time, plan ahead for a transformation – complete with dedicated study spaces courtesy of Handyman Pro.

Expectation #3: Homemade dinners, delicious packed lunches, and a healthier year.

Reality #3: Broken cabinets, faulty wiring, and a leaking fridge.

A way that many families share special time together amidst hectic schedules is by sitting together and sharing a meal. This time either on the weekends or during weeknights, is a great opportunity to unplug and unwind, allowing family members time and space to relax and be with each other. Plus, homemade lunches are a great way to save money at school and at your work – and they’re healthier!

While your expectations might be great, the reality is…not so great. The cabinets don’t work (is that one hanging off its hinge?) which makes putting the dishes away a real hassle. Plus, there’s something wrong with the dishwasher (is it the wiring?) so you have to hand wash anyway. AND to top it all off, the refrigerator has a mysterious leak that, if you don’t fix it soon, will definitely ruin the floor. So much for eating a home-cooked meal.

Expectation #4: Cozy fall weekends with friends gathered around the dinner table

Reality #4: Damaged drywall and a finicky toilet

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, and the holidays following soon after, you have wonderful images of hosting your friends and family in the guest bedroom and enjoying a fun fall weekend together. Sadly, the reality does not match up with this expectation! Not only is the guest bedroom still not fixed-up from the damage from when it was the kids’ playroom, but the toilet in the guest bathroom has the tendency to overflow and it won’t stop running! This is not the idyllic spot you want to show off to your family and friends.

If these are some of the expectations that you have this year, don’t fall prey to the reality! Handyman Pro is your go-to handyman service that can make sure you enjoy all aspects of your home and can hit all of your entertaining and family goals. These are just some of the services that we offer – working with Handyman Pro covers all aspects of your home:

  • Carpentry & cabinets: Qualified carpenters ready to install new cabinets or fix broken ones.
  • Holiday decorating: Stay festive with half the effort and none of the danger of stringing up lights yourself.
  • Masonry projects: Those messy weekend projects like re-paving the sidewalk can seem easy…until it’s not. Trust our masters of masonry.
  • Remodeling: Keep your home up-to-date and increase your investment.
  • Electrical: Experienced, licensed electricians under the supervision of a master electrician is a much better idea than watching a YouTube video on fixing wiring.
  • Decks & fences: Build or repair fabulous and long-lasting decks and fences for entertaining and enjoyment.
  • Painting: Big or small, save yourself the hassle and leave the job to us.
  • Flooring: Residential and commercial floor installation repair and maintenance – your entry way has never looked better!
  • Gutters & siding: Installation, repair, and upkeep of siding and gutters. Stay off the roof and without any broken bones.
  • Maintenance services: All those odd jobs – we’ve got them handled.
  • Plumbing: Do not mess around with a leaky toilet. Trust us.

One of the best parts of owning a home is filling it with hopes, dreams, and expectations. It can be a serious let-down when something fixable ruins your expectations with a dose of cold reality. Fortunately, working with Handyman Pro can fix all of the situations above. Instead of having to call multiple people – or deal with multiple points-of-contact – you can rely on just one trustworthy company, Handyman Pro to take care of it all. Hack reality – live in your dream home today.​​​​