Recession-Resistant Franchise Opportunities

Recession-Resistant Franchise Opportunities

Unfortunately, economic recession is a fact of life. However, there are businesses that are resilient to recession. These businesses can withstand economic troubles, and occasionally even experience growth during recessions. Premium Service Brands offers several franchise opportunities positioned for success during times of economic downturn.


Cleaning services thrive during recessions. No matter the state of the economy, people still need their homes and businesses cleaned. Premium Service Brands offers two franchise opportunities focused on cleaning. Maid Right–a residential and commercial cleaning franchise– and Rubbish Works Junk Removal–a full-service junk removal business–both capitalize on the necessity of cleaning services.

Home repairs

Even during recessions, home repairs are essential. Home service brands are in high demand during these times, and Premium Service Brands fills the gap with several franchise opportunities. Our home repair brands include House Doctors (handyman services), RooterMan (plumbing), ProLift Garage Doors (garage repair), and Kitchen Wise/Closet Wise (home organization).


Along with repairs, home maintenance is a necessity during recessions. Brands like 360° Painting (residential and commercial painting), Renew Crew (outdoor surface renewal), and The Grout Medic (grout and tile cleaning), are recession-resistant.