Get To Know 360° Painting: 360° Painting Naperville

Get To Know 360° Painting: 360° Painting Naperville

360° Painting is continent-wide (literally! We have several partners in Canada!) franchise business that empowers community members to open their own locally-owned and operated businesses. Working with 360° Painting means low overhead, small investment and low-risk – we make it easier than you ever thought possible to be your own boss.

Get to know our 360° Painting franchise partners a little bit better with our Get to Know series. We will highlight different partners so YOU can see if you can be in their shoes.

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This is an interview with Brian Conrad, owner and operator of 360° Painting Naperville.

What is your business background and previous work experience?

Prior to joining the 360° Painting team, I worked for 10 years at a subsidiary of Xerox in Chicago. Originally planned as an entry-level, short-term job to pay for graduate school (in a field completely unrelated to business), I was fortunate enough to hold various management roles in Operations, Finance and ultimately create and build a Data Analytics team, which I headed as the Director of Data Analytics.

What drew you to 360° Painting?

The growth potential originally drew me to 360° Painting. The team in Charlottesville ultimately sold me on 360° Painting.

With the painting industry being completely fragmented - only 2% of painting is done by franchise painting companies - I saw an opportunity here in Chicagoland to build a professional brand - a corporate painting company run like a larger business that still places top priority on the customer experience: professional painters, professional communication, and professional finished products.

If it were easy to do this on a large scale, the industry wouldn't be so fragmented. But with the national 360° Painting brand behind us, and the great corporate support and infrastructure, we continue to see a major growth opportunity to provide a professional service for which there is a huge demand here in Naperville and surrounding suburbs.

What goals have you set for yourself this year?

I'm a rookie this year, just launching 360 Painting° of Naperville in March, so my foremost goal is to build an infrastructure that can support a 7-figure revenue year in 2019. It takes a number of vetted, efficient crews to sustain 6-8 jobs a week, year-round, so we have worked very hard to position 360° Painting of Naperville for that quantity next year.

We're heavily focused on building a brand here in Naperville as the most professional painting company in Chicagoland. I couldn't do any of this without the help of my wife, Roxanne, who has really helped to transform our brand and keep all of the back-end operations of the business running smoothly.