Maid Right 101: Apartment Cleaning

Maid Right 101: Apartment Cleaning

Maid Right is every homeowner’s best friend. With our wrap-around services, you can rest assured that for every step you take with your home, Maid Right will be there. From move-in cleaning to post-construction scrubbing to apartment-specific services, Maid Right is your go-to cleaning company.

Our apartment cleaning services are the ideal way to bring a deeper, healthier clean to your home. Whether you’re a busy professional in a studio or a family occupying a sprawling penthouse, our cleaning services offers the detailed clean your home deserves.

Why Hire an Apartment Cleaning Service?

Hiring an apartment cleaning service makes homeowners lives easier, gives them more time, and keeps their apartments looking great year-round. As market trends demonstrate, the average age of a homeowner is growing older and the influx of city-dwellers is rising -- more people are choosing apartments as their permanent or semi-permanent homes. Even though apartments can be smaller, Maid Right recognizes that apartment owners and renters are still just as busy, just as stressed and just as in-need of “me time” as house owners. Apartment residents need Maid Right just as much, if not more, than anyone else.

If you’re looking for the perfect cleaning service for your apartment or condo, there’s no better fit than your local Maid Right. Our apartment cleaning services provide renters and condo owners with routine cleanings performed by Maid Right Signature Clean® certified cleaners.

Here are just a few of the reasons that Maid Right is an industry-leader in apartment cleaning:

  • Specific tailored cleaning plans designed to fit each residents’ needs, schedule and space;
  • Maid Right cleaners are Maid Right owners, meaning we’re more invested in cleaning quality and customer satisfaction than typical contract cleaners.
  • The same cleaner performs every cleaning of your apartment or condo, ensuring higher quality cleanings and improving cleaner-client communication.
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products and disinfectants in addition to a full green cleaning service program;
  • Routine apartment cleaning services on a weekly, biweekly, and monthly basis, or any other schedule you need;
  • One-time cleanings and deep cleaning services;
  • Maid Right Signature Clean®, Maid Right Technics®, and Maid Right® Tracker systems ensure higher standards for cleaner training, cleaning products, and quality control.

Maid Right provides only the best to our customers which is why we guarantee full customer satisfaction on every single cleaning we provide.