Handyman Pro 101: How to Choose the Right Handyman Company For You

Handyman Pro 101: How to Choose the Right Handyman Company For You

Choosing the right handyman company for you is important! We all need help around the house. Even if we’re hesitant to admit it, we often need to call in the experts to make sure that our homes are in tip-top shape (and usable…a sink isn’t much good if it leaks!)

The time has come, you can’t fix the sink and you really need to call in the professionals. How do you decide which team of home repair specialists to trust?

Look for these characteristics when trying to find the right company to take care of your home.

Set aside time to talk with and get estimates from several companies. Remember: the lowest bid shouldn't always win! Your home or apartment is often your biggest financial investment and it absolutely affects your life more than almost any other factor in your life. Finding the right company to repair or update your abode is crucial and is a process that can be rushed. Leave your home in the care of the right company by searching t for these following characteristics. These are all diverse and important characteristics that the right handyman pro company for YOU will have.

1. Well-known or personal references

The best references always come from people that you know. If a neighbor or a friend has recently used a service that they recommend, ask them to connect you! Friends are more likely to be honest with you and tell you their specific feedback about a company because their name will be attached to the company’s name in your mind. Therefore, they will only recommend companies they really believe in.

2. Experience in the specific renovation or task you need

Even if a well-known company is great with kitchens and always gets super high feedback with their kitchen repairs and renovation, if have a living room issue it may not be the best idea to hire the kitchen guys. Each part of your home is unique and requires its own expertise. Go with the company that has experience doing what you need done.

3. Right credentials

Insurance is critical! Reputable companies will always make sure they have the right insurance – plus if something happens and they’re not insured, that cost could land on your shoulders! Make sure you only hire companies with the proper insurance. Don't cut corners when it comes to your home, apartment, or business.

4. Draft a contract

Good companies will not be afraid to put anything in writing. It’s helpful for both them and for you. If a company won’t put the contract in writing, then you know that something is off.

5. Provide a thorough and well-thought-out estimate

Estimates take time and should be considered carefully. Make sure that the company gives you an estimate that includes details about the project. If it seems outrageous it probably is! It’s always good to compare estimates as well. If one seems really low it probably means the contractor isn’t actually going to stay in budget or will cut corners.

6. Are aware of permits

Any contractor or handyman who insists that permits are not an issue either are lying or have no idea what they are talking about. Even for minor things, good contractors know to check in with the local government.

7. Are fastidious

Do they show up on time? Do they follow-through with appointments? If they are running late do they call with ample time to alert you? Are they organized and tidy? These are all signs of what the contracting or handyman company will be like when they’re finally hired. A truly excellent and thorough company will comport themselves in a professional, courteous manner. How they treat you is a good sign of how they will do their work!

Handyman Pro has been doing this a very long time. A company you can trust, a company that will treat you and your home with respect, a company that can get the job done on time and within the contract – always go with the Pros.