Maid Right 101: Bonding & Insurance Are Crucial

Maid Right 101: Bonding & Insurance Are Crucial

When you’re comparing house cleaning companies, you’re likely to see the phrase “bonded and insured.” While many cleaning companies will tell you that their cleaners are bonded and/or insured, few take the time to explain what that means. This is important information, and it can help you distinguish a trustworthy cleaning company from an unreliable contractor.

Bonding and insurance are crucial for a cleaning company. Any reputable cleaning company will be bonded and insured like Maid Right. Here’s everything you need to know.

Bonding for House Cleaning Companies

A surety bond is a form of financial security that protects the client in a client-contractor relationship. If a contractor fails to provide the service they were paid for, a bond reimburses the client for any money they’ve already paid, up to a set amount.

When a homeowner hires a house cleaning company, the homeowner is the client in the relationship. The house cleaning company is the contractor. If the homeowner pays for a cleaning service, and the cleaning company never performs that service, the homeowner can make a bond claim to get his or her money back.

If the cleaning company is bonded, homeowners gain peace of mind in two ways. First, they know that they will be fully or partially refunded if the cleaning company fails to perform its services. Second, they know that the cleaning company is incentivized to fulfill its contract. It makes it unlikely that they won’t perform the agreed services.

Insurance for House Cleaning Companies

Contractor insurance, like a surety bond, is another form of financial protection for the clients of service providers. In this case, the protection is for injury, health problems, or damage that occurs in the course of the contractor’s services. Both are important when hiring a house cleaning company.

If a homeowner hires a house cleaning company without insurance, he or she could be financially liable if a cleaner suffers an injury. On the other hand, if they hire a fully-insured house cleaning company, they won’t be financially responsible.

A fully insured cleaning company will also be insured for property damage in the course of cleaning. In the event that a cleaner accidentally breaks or damages something in a customer’s home, insurance helps cover replacement or repair.

At Maid Right®, we believe that bonding and insurance are crucial when hiring a house cleaning company. That’s why all of our cleaners are fully bonded and fully insured. They’re also bound by the Maid Right guarantee, which promises full customer satisfaction on every cleaning we perform.