ProLift Garage Doors 101: Garage Door Horror Stories

ProLift Garage Doors 101: Garage Door Horror Stories

DIYs are a major temptation for many homeowners today. There is a plethora of ways to learn new skills and create new projects for your home. YouTube videos are so detailed that there’s no reason you shouldn’t take garage door repair and replacement matters into your own hands – you’ll probably even save money in the end! Right?


Repairing your own garage door could cost more than just money.

ProLift Garage Doors are professionals for a reason! There are many things about garage door replacement and repair that cannot be learned from a five-minute YouTube video – it takes many years of experience to become a skilled garage door repairman.

We’ve gathered some of the scariest garage-door repair stories floating around to remind you of the potential dangers lurking in the temptation of a DIY project.

“Hours of surgery”

This story comes from a fellow garage-door repairwoman. She was called in to figure out the tension in one of the torsion springs. While she was winding it, she noticed the homeowner had their arm in a sling. Turns out that the homeowner, wanting to save a couple bucks, had fiddled around with the spring, accidentally loosening it without meaning to. The spring is deceptively powerful (after all it does help leverage the entire garage door!) and it released in a power that tore through the homeowner’s wrist. He needed hours of surgery to repair his wrist and was looking at months of physical therapy to gain back movement in his wrist. All of this just to save a couple bucks!

Falling is the leading cause of death in accidental home deaths

Every year, 6,000 people die from falls in the home. Most garage door repair involves climbing a ladder and fiddling with confusing mechanisms at a high height. Don’t be one of these falls. Call a professional who knows how to safely handle these types of situations.

One thing leads to another…

Let’s be honest: most DIY usually costs twice the amount in the end – the cost to do the actual work plus the cost to fix the damage the first DIY attempt caused! Garage doors are surprisingly heavy and modern residential doors tend to be quite cumbersome. If you don’t know exactly what you are doing, the garage door is likely to crash, damaging itself and anyone in the way.

Garage door replacement and repair is a difficult task that requires one or often a team of professionals. Save yourself time and money – go with the pros the first time around. Don’t take the chance of costing yourself serious money or worse, serious injury. Call ProLift Doors today: 888-824-9947