ProLift Garage Doors 101: Amazon Deliveries Into Your Garage

ProLift Garage Doors 101: Amazon Deliveries Into Your Garage

LiftMaster has a huge announcement that will change your life and put your mind at ease. You can choose to install the myQ smart-phone controlled garage door opener and then connect it to a new Amazon service, Amazon Key. With Amazon Key, deliveries will be placed securely inside your garage so you never have to worry again about having your packages stolen off your front porch.

The process to start this service is simple. LiftMaster offers myQ technology that ProLift Garage Doors can install for you. myQ connectivity offers garage door openers and gate operators that can be controlled directly from your smartphone. You have the ability to track, open, and close your garage doors with a single tap, no matter where you are. Once ProLift Garage Doors has installed this technology for you, you can connect your myQ with the Amazon Key app and start having deliveries placed directly inside your garage.

Porch pirates

Having packages delivered from Amazon to your front door or doorway is an amazing convenience that can save you time and money. But having packages stolen from front porches is a major problem in the US. According to a recent survey by Xfinity Home, 30% of Americans say they have personally experienced “porch pirates,” a term used to describe this kind of burglary.

There is a very low arrest rate of porch pirates. According to an article by USA Today, some precincts only have about a 7 percent arrest rate meaning that the vast majority of burglaries go unsolved. There is little that can be done to combat the porch pirates except running “bait” package programs where the police departments put out packages with tracking devices, hoping to snag a pirate in the act. Still, with the widespread nature of internet deliveries, it’s a small step toward solving a big problem.

Some people have started choosing to have their packages delivered to their workplace but this also raises issues. First, it defeats the purpose of having your packages delivered to you home and requires that you transport it either in your car or in public transit. Second, many workplaces are cracking down on personal package deliveries because of the extra strain it causes in mail rooms.

A better option for home package deliveries

That’s where Amazon Key and myQ technology come in. It is difficult or impossible for many people to be home to wait for packages to arrive so, instead of taking the risk of having your packages be left outside for hours, you can instead choose to securely have your package delivered directly inside your garage. You can even opt for an optional camera to watch, in real-time, your package being delivered, and your garage door being closed.

Amazon Key sends a notification when your package has been delivered and when the garage door has been closed. With the camera option, you can rest easy knowing your home and your packages are secure.

Your neighborhood ProLift Garage Doors installs myQ technology from our trusted vendor LiftMaster. We work with you to ensure that your garage, and, ultimately, your home and family, are safe and secure, giving you peace of mind.

Call your local ProLift Garage Doors today to ask about installing this great new technology in your garage.