Renew Crew 101: Pressure Washing Pros

Renew Crew 101: Pressure Washing Pros

Renew Crew is Premium Service Brands’ power washing and exterior surface renewal franchise. With proprietary cleaning solutions and a branded three-step process, Renew Crew is a unique franchising opportunity that offers reliable, environmentally-friendly services.

As outdoor surface experts, their consultations help homeowners preserve their homes for longer. These are the most common areas that Renew Crew locations clean and protect.

  1. Decks

Most decks are made of a material that is well-suited to withstand the force of pressure washing while achieving optimal results. Stains from entertaining family and friends, from weather damage, and from grilling on a summer evening can build up. A well-executed pressure washing can strip those hard-to-scrub stains right off, without damaging your finish. With our 3-step process, we will also protect your deck against future stains.

  1. Siding & Window Sills

Weather damage takes a toll on the siding of your house. Between thunderstorms and snowstorms, the accumulation of water leads to a collection of dust, dirt, and pollen. It’s especially important to examine the shady sides of your house. The orientation or landscaping of a house determines the amount of sunlight certain sides will receive. Sides that don’t get much natural sunlight are more likely to grow algae and mildew because of the lack of UV rays and lingering humidity. Our siding cleaning & protecting services loosens and lifts dirt from your home’s exterior to make the colors appear brighter and cleaner.

  1. Driveway

Of all the surfaces on your property, the driveway definitely bears the heaviest wear-and-tear from cars, chalk, and impromptu basketball games in front of your house. Like other horizontal surfaces outside your home, rainwater collects on your driveway. This leads to a buildup of dirt and debris that can be tracked into your home.

  1. Exterior Stairs and Pathways

The walkways from your driveway to your front door or from your patio through your backyard are prime candidates for pressure washing. When you choose Renew Crew for your pressure washing service, we will clean and protect these surfaces so grass, dirt, and water collection will not stick to the brick or stone as easily.

Renew Crew is a leading pressure washing service in North America. As one of six home services brands in the Premium Service Brands family, all Renew Crew locations offer superior customer service and professional results. Learn more about how being a Renew Crew owner can be a way to serve your community and can be a path to financial freedom by visiting