360° Painting 101: Save Money, Paint Better

360° Painting 101: Save Money, Paint Better

We all know that home is where the heart is, that what your home looks like affects how you feel, and that how your home is an extension of who you and your family are. We agree that your home is no place to “skimp” or cut corners, which is why 360° Painting always offers the highest quality service for your home or office. But how do you ensure that the paint you use will last as long as your home? How do you make sure that your quality paint job lasts?

The answer is simple: not all paints are made alike.

Saving money in the long run means picking the right paint. 360° Painting has special partnership programs with trustworthy companies like Sherwin-Williams and we always use high quality paint. But what is behind high-quality paint? What makes it better than cheaper competitors?

To bring you the answers, the paint experts at Sherwin-Williams broke down what makes a high-quality paint special – and why, in the long run, it will save customers money.

First of all, there are two types pigments in paint and their ratio to one another will determine the quality of the paint. The first pigment, “prime”, is the “punch” in the paint. The second pigment, “extender” adds “bulk” to the paint, says Sherwin-Williams. The prime pigment is more expensive, but paints with higher content of prime pigments are more durable and retain their color.

The binders in the paint help it stay on the surface where it is applied and contributes to the longevity of your paint while the lower the ratio of liquids to solids means your paint isn’t watered down.

Finally, there are special things that can be added to high-quality paint that contribute to its utility: mildewcide that kills mildew, dispersing agents that help maintain color uniformity and preservatives that prevent a paint from spoiling are just a few examples.

And what does this high-quality paint translate to in practice? In interior paint, this means there aren’t brush or roller marks, previous paint jobs are better covered, and there is a better resistance to dirt and longevity when cleaned. In exterior paint, homes will enjoy better mildew resistance, color retention, and dirt resistance with less flaking and peeling.

The quality of both the paint and of those who paint it is crucial. 360° Painting knows that painting is not about a “race to the bottom” to see who can offer the cheapest job – its about quality paint, quality painters, and a quality finished product.