Premium Service Brands acquires sixth brand

Premium Service Brands acquires sixth brand

Welcome to RENEW CREW!

We're proud to announce that we've acquired our sixth brand: Renew Crew! Renew Crew is an eco-friendly outdoor surface cleaning company.

Renew Crew offers consumers an eco-friendly option to clean and maintain their outdoor surfaces. The three-step process – pre-soak, power clean, protect – not only removes surface dirt but digs out ingrained mold without gouging the surface like power washing can. The final step of adding a protective layer ensures that outdoor surfaces last longer and look better.

A major selling point and strength of Renew Crew is the exclusive formula of their cleaning foam. This foam cleans across surfaces, gets deep into wooden grooves, and is safe for the environment. Only available through Renew Crew, this game-changing system gives homeowners another tool to protect the value of their home and works on a variety of surfaces from wood to siding to pavement.

Renew Crew joins a rapidly growing franchisor and will benefit from a seamless integration into the proprietary systems that have made our existing companies – 360° Painting, ProLift Garage Doors, and Handyman Pro – so successful. 360° Painting has consistently been ranked as one of the fastest growing franchises by the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 and spent two consecutive years ranked as the #1 Paint Franchise overall.

The Renew Crew deal adds an astounding 25 franchisees in 32 locations to the system. Combined with the franchise partners from the Maid Right addition in July 2018 and the Kitchen Wise acquisition a year later, we have added a whopping 45 new franchise partners in 18 months, just through acquisitions.

Renew Crew serves the same end user as our other home service brands, allowing Premium Service Brands to offer wrap-around services in the neighborhoods that we serve. We're thrilled for the opportunity to give communities the same attention to customer service and superior-quality product in all different areas of home and small-business ownership!