From Franchisee to Franchise Coach: Advice from the Field

From Franchisee to Franchise Coach: Advice from the Field

Dan Miedema began his franchise journey working in the summer heat as a painter. Dan, a driven entrepreneur, worked his way up to the position of job site manager, where he oversaw a small team of painters. As a manager, Dan began to see the value of owning your own business, and eventually made the decision to start a franchise.

Dan owned and operated a painting franchise for five years. During that time, he became the highest grossing franchise owner within the parent company. After running an extremely successful franchise for sometime, Dan took some time off to pursue other ventures.

Dan eventually returned to the franchise industry as a franchise business coach for 360° Painting, a member of the Premium Service Brands family of brands.

With years of franchise experience under his belt, Dan has been able to watch the industry change over time. The biggest change: technology. A transaction that used to take days now happens with the click of a button. “When I entered the industry, online reviews were extremely uncommon,” Dan says. “Now they’re a huge part of every business.”

As someone who owned a franchise and worked on the corporate side, Dan has valuable insight for others looking to join the industry “If you’re going to franchise, you absolutely have to take advantage of the systems that are in place to help you,” says Dan. “Use the tools that corporate provides. It’ll make all the difference.”

“The best part about owning a franchise is that you're able to decide your own worth,” claims Dan. “If you’re in the corporate world, you’re told what your worth is.”

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