Record-Breaking Year for PSB

Record-Breaking Year for PSB

Premium Service Brands had a BIG 2022. We signed 92 franchise units. In December, we signed 17 new deals. Our 9 unique home service brands were recognized as top franchise opportunities by Entrepreneur Magazine, Franchise Business Review, Franchise Dictionary Magazine, and more. We surpassed 1,000 franchise locations this year, and we’re on pace to continually grow in 20223.

All of this news is great, but what does it mean for prospective franchise owners?

Now is the time to franchise.
Since the Covid pandemic, more and more Americans are leaving their corporate positions. “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than four million Americans quit their jobs in August 2021. That is nearly three percent of the workforce.” After experiencing the freedom and flexibility of working from home, workers didn’t want to return to the structured schedule of a traditional job.

With the Great Resignation, comes an increased opportunity for franchising. Franchising is a logical move for the millions of workers leaving their jobs. The growing franchise industry offers flexibility and freedom, while maintaining a proven business model that accommodates owners.

The Great Resignation is changing the professional landscape. If you’re a driven entrepreneur searching for more in your career, now is the time to check out the available opportunities.