360° Painting 101: The Challenges and Benefits of Training

360° Painting 101: The Challenges and Benefits of Training

Throughout the first-quarter of 2019, we have welcomed 36 new partners to our Premium Service Brands family! This past June, we welcomed six 360° Painting owners and operators who are ready to bring this important service to their neighborhoods. We’re a thriving franchise, and we take pride in our methods of training and preparing these new business owners for ultimate success in their community.

Though this process can seem intense, there are so many benefits to the levels of training we provide.

After over a month of online on-boarding and training, our most recent class joined us at our corporate office here in Charlottesville beginning the process of week-long in-person training. This jump-starts the process of launching a business and involves expert-led training and hands-on estimating.

Through this process, trainees are exposed to real-life situations and are given the opportunity to problem solve and further their knowledge. At the end of the week, we get to celebrate them with a graduation ceremony honoring their hard work and next steps to business success.

Our June 28th training class formed a unique bond through the training period. It is always incredible to see the connections that form as people come from all different walks of life to start this business. Most classes carry these connections with them and grow them even further through our network of other owners.

We were proud to welcome these newest owners to 360 Painting!

  • Derek Wolfe of 360° Painting Beaverton, OR

  • Andrew Dowd of 360° Painting Chesterfield, MO

  • Kaylie & Garrett Faucette of 360° Painting Provo, UT

  • Korey Williams of 360° Painting Grand Prairie, TX

  • Sharon & Mack Strange of 360° Painting Hendersonville, TN

  • Sean Bellinger of 360° Painting Henderson, NV

The week-long training in Charlottesville covers a wide variety of topics and is truly an intensive experience designed to get the new owners thoroughly prepared.

They deal with topics like digital marketing, price estimations, vendor relationships, and business strategies with the guidance of their on-boarding team and business coaches. Their hands-on approach included price-estimations in the office and in our own trainer, Josh’s, home.

Now that graduation is over, our partners are heading back home to open up businesses tailored to meet their community’s needs. They’ve taken steps to become their own boss and to achieve their dreams of supporting their families and their local communities.

Can you see yourself in their shoes? Call us today to learn more about how franchising with Premium Service Brands can be your road to achieving your small-business dreams: (855) 908-3540.