ProLift Garage Door 101: 14 Inspiring Quotes About Home Improvement

ProLift Garage Door 101: 14 Inspiring Quotes About Home Improvement

Home improvement doesn't have to be boring or burdensome: home improvement can be a way that you can express your personality -- and create a caring environment for your family -- all at the same time. Whether you're deciding to re-paint the living room or to install those wooden garage doors that you've always dreamed of, these 14 quotes will get you inspired to tackle any home improvement project. Just remember to call ProLift Garage Doors for your professional garage door repair and installation needs!

  • “Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.” – Nate Berkus, Interior designer

  • “You wouldn’t build a house unless the design was exactly what you wanted; honing in on the design of your renovation project is crucial before you proceed.” – Michael Upshall

  • “ An interior is a natural projection of the soul” – Coco Chanel

  • “Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong and laughter never ends.” – Unknown

  • “Architecture is about trying to make the world a little bit more like our dreams.” – Bjarke Ingels

  • “A house is made of walls and beams; a home is made of love and dreams.”

  • “The key to loving whatever home you’re in now isn’t found in the pursuit of perfect spaces. It’s also not about mimicking a specific, prescribed style. It’s about telling your story within your home and making it a place that celebrates the personalities of everyone who lives there.” – Joanna Gaines

  • “Sometimes people think that they’re going to save money, so they go with cheap materials…it will wear out fast and you’ll have to replace it again – you actually end up spending more money.” Jonathan Scott of “Property Brothers”

  • “Home trends are just like fashion trends – you can’t believe all the hype otherwise you look like a sucker.” Genevieve Gorder of Trading Spaces

  • “[On finding honest workmen] Check licenses first, check referrals…We used to joke that I’d get 10 bids for every single job on every single property and go straight into the middle. The middle’s always the most dedicated, honest, hard-working people you’ll find, I think.” – Nicole Chilurtis, Rehab Addict

  • “I think that we should make the best of where we live and we all should be able to come back home to a place that is welcoming and represents who we are.” – David Bromstad Design Star

  • “If you have unfinished space, finish it. Use it for that extra storage you’re missing. Whatever the ‘it’ is, you’re creating bonus extra square footage.” – Hilary Farr, Love It or List It

  • “DIYs can be tempting…but it’s very important that things get done right the first time. Cutting corners will always cost you more in the long run.” Scott McGillibray, author of How To Add Value to your Home

  • “One area you don’t want to make a mistake is your home, because that mistake can be very costly – not just in finances, but in long term impact for you and your family.” Mike Holmes, Holmes on Homes